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Prove that your products are eco-designed

To meet the growing demand in the markets for products that are environmentally friendly, companies are taking into account the environmental impact of their products from the design stage.

The stakes:

  • Commit your company and its products to implement a policy that will reduce the impact on the environment,
  • Meet the expectations of consumers and customers/companies for "environmentally friendly" products: recyclable, less energy consuming, employing fewer raw materials and more.

Your needs:

Your products already show a lower environmental impact all along their lifecycle, and your company wishes to committ itself into an ecodesign process:

  • You want to set up a structured ecodesign process
  • You already have set up ecodesign processes and you wish to promote your action
  • You already have developed ecodesigned products and want to promote them

Footprint Progress© Certification: a visible solution

Footprint Progress© is a result driven certification that enables companies to inform their customers about their products' environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle.

Its purpose is to prove to the consumer, with a visible logo, that the product has limited environmental impact.


Footprint Progress©: a visible certification and a simple, progressive and efficient process

Level 1- Commitment:

Call upon an independant third party to confirm your company's commitment to an eco-design.

Level 2 - Product certification:

Your results will be checked and certified for eco-design, once the product or service have been re-designed.

Your eco-innovation results will be checked and certified.

Benefit from clear product marking.


Why choose Footprint Progress© ?

  • One approach for all industrial and service sectors.
  • Certification based on international standards, on a recognised audit methodology, provided by a third party certification body, the guarantee of credibility in France and abroad (ISO 14062, ISO 14 006, ISO 14 040,...) ;
  • Highlight your efforts to reduce environmental impacts: will have a logo to show for it.


Bureau Veritas, acknowledged for its expertise and skills, will join your efforts in the name of sustainable development.

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