Testing: Electromedical devices

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Bannière - Testing: Electromedical devices

Many risks for the individuals, for the environment and for the belongings arise from the use of all electronical and electrical devices. In order to contain these risks, it is of major importance for the designers to understand the health and security guidelines, so as to manufacture safe equipment.

In order to assess the safety compliance of your medical devices, LCIE Bureau Veritas offers you to benefit from its electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility testing facilities. This will enable you to satisfy all the technical requirements as described in the related regulations.

Fields concerned :

  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Electrical safety
  • Radiography
  • Eco-environment (hazardous substances analysis, lifecycle analysis)
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • Mechanic and climatic

Applicable regulations and standards :

Electrical safety Electromagnetic compatibility
  • IEC/EN/NF 60601-1(ed.2);am.1; am.2
  • IEC/EN/NF 60601-1(ed.3) 
  • IEC/EN/NF 60601-1-x
  • IEC/EN/NF 60601-2-x
  • IEC/EN/NF 61010
  • EN 45502
  • IEC/EN/NF 60601-1-2 (ed.2 et 3)
  • IEC/EN/NF 61326
  • FCC part 18
  • FCC part 15

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