Our testing facilities in Electrical Safety

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Bannière - Our testing facilities in Electrical Safety
  • Standard test fingers
  • Leakage current measuring probe, bounding ground current
  • Slide calipers for leakage path measurement  
  • Testing means for checking the flammability classes
  • Testing pulse generator  
  • Needle-flame testOscilloscopes/multimeters/power meters,
  • Climatic enclosures with various volumes and performance levels.
  • Stabilized steady and alternating current power supplies with frequency variation
  • Pulse generator,  
  • Vibrators
  • Rooms and equipments for IP-testing
  • Hammers / shock spheres
  • Heating measurements collectors
  • Dielectric strength and insulation resistance testing devices
  • Glow wire testing equipment
  • Resistive and electronics loads
  • Any peculiar assembly…

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