In what way does the CE Marking can apply to your business?

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Bannière - In what way does the CE Marking can apply to your business?

The procedure (for application):

It is not mandatory to require the help of a notified body to assess if your product is compliant with the requirement of the applicable CE directives.

However, it is more secure to get the help of the third party organization as you can count on the validity of the assessment results.

In this context, LCIE Bureau Veritas offers you its experience and its know-how to assist you with the validation of your products according to the CE requirement.

LCIE Bureau Veritas intervenes all along the process of your product compliance verification :

  • Engineering and expertise assistance
  • Regulatory testing
  • On-site testing

Facilitated processes for your products' import :

LCIE Bureau Veritas is signatory of many Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA) between the European Union and the other States.
These MRA enable us to have our reports and certificates acknowledged within the frame of the CE marking and in accordance with the national regulations (Australia & New Zealand, Canada, USA, Japan and Switzerland).

As such, we can thus facilitate your product compliance process on your behalf. Which makes you gain time and money.

The services we offer:

  • Identify and determine the regulations requirements, the directives and the applicable standards (regulatory assessment and watch) 
  • Assistance in the elaboration and the approval of the technical datasheets
  • On-site and laboratory testing
  • Issuance of compliance documents
  • Impact assessment on the certification of the reported amendments

List of the directives to which LCIE Bureau Veritas is notified

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