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Bannière - Audits and Inspections: Retailers & Importers

LCIE Bureau Veritas checks the compliance of the electrical and electronic products and equipment to the current regulatory requirements. Its broad knowledge of the international regulations places LCIE Bureau Veritas in a position to better assist and advise its clients to keep their products or equipment compliants.


Because of the shortened lifetime and shelf life of the products, the on-time delivery of quality products is truly a challenge. Once the manufacturing is ending or once it’s ended, a product may not always comply with the market’s quality requirements. This can cause a major product and/or a raw material loss, as well as a loss of income, a loading delay and a potential risk of product recall.

What is an inspection ?

An inspection consists in checking the quality of a given product in relation to quality requirements. This can be performed during the production phase or once the production is completed. Before production launching, raw materials can be inspected to make sure that they comply with established quality requirements. During the production phase, the goods are inspected on-site to ensure that they satisfy all the quality and standard requirements.

LCIE Bureau Veritas can help you reach this goal through its Bureau Veritas network in France or through its laboratories in China.


Within the frame of the certification marks, LCIE Bureau Veritas is conducting audits for its own behalf and also for more than 20 foreign bodies.

Our services

  • Inspections of the production follow-up performed within the frame of the certification marks
  • Inspections before loading
  • Inspections within the frame of the HSPM (Hazardous Substance Process Management)
  • Inspections and Audits of manufacturing laboratories:
    • SMT Inspections (Supervised Manufacturer Testing)
    • TMP Inspections (Test on Manufacturer's Premises)
    • WMT Inspections (Witness Manufacturer Testing)

We can also conduct technical and social audits.

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