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Bannière - International Certification

The markets are becoming more and more global and with them, the obstacles to access foreign countries are many.
To understand and to get over these technical barriers to business, it is of major importance to identify the Directives, the Regulations and standards applicable and to determine which strategy to adopt in order to succeed in the compliance.

Product Certification

The certification is the proof that your products have been tested by an independent body and that they have been assessed to be compliant with the safety, quality and performance standards applicable which may also include specifications relating to the targeted country. In case you hold the Mark in addition, this also means that the manufacturing is regularly controlled in order to maintain a constant quality level.

What are your benefits ?

The only way to ensure the safety of your products and to avoid recalls is to proceed to an independent checking and to maintain a production that fulfils the certification rules. This also brings confidence to the final client.

Our various International Certifications:

Product Certification (Type or Mark Certification)

  • IECEE: The IECEE is the IEC branch dedicated to the Certification of electrical and electronic equipment. 
    • CB Scheme: The CB Certification is a Type Certification issued once the compliance of the test samples has been assessed.  It allows recognition of the electrical safety and EMC test results by other Certification Bodies, members of the Certification Scheme. As a member of the IECEE / CB, LCIE Bureau Veritas can deliver Test Reports and CB Compliance Certificates for all the electrical and electronic products Categories. These Reports and CB Compliance Certificates are acknowledged by all the other Bodies, members of the IECEE (except when the national or local regulation is more restrictive and deviations are not covered).
    • CB FCS Certification: The CB Full Certification Scheme is an improved Type Certification which includes factory inspections that enables the validation of the manufacturing and control environments (type 5). 
    • IECEE / PV Certification: This Certification is applied to photovoltaic panels (following the CB FCS certification process) and inverters (according to CB Certification).
  •  IECEx Certification: The IECEx Certification applies to all electrical equipment meant to be functioning in potentially explosive atmospheres.

System Certification

  • IECQ: is applicable to electronic components, to their manufacturing processes and to their quality monitoring. The Certificate is intended for manufacturers, retailers, subcontractors and testing laboratories, in the domain of electronic components.
  • IECQ HSPM Certification: (Hazardous Substances Process Management) is aimed at controlling hazardous substances in the component parts used in electrical and electronic equipment.  With it, the company can fulfill the requirements of the RoHS Directive and comply with the REACH Regulation following the same process. The Certificate is acknowledged anywhere in the world. The certification is based on an audit performed on the quality aspects according to IECQ QC 080000 (ISO 9001 + specific requirements concerning the component parts).

Other Certifications delivered by LCIE Bureau Veritas:

BV S : for the North-American market.
GS : for the German market.

... Not an exhaustive list: Please contact us for more information

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