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Bannière - The ENEC Mark

The ENEC is the European certification mark that applies to electrical products. Obtaining this mark is a voluntary act. It is a proof that the products stamped with it are fulfilling the European compliance requirements.

The ENEC Mark : purpose and evolutions

Once only focusing on luminaires, the ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certification) is now gaining in importance.
Since 2010, the ENEC mark is applied to the following product categories:

  • Luminaires and related components
  • Electrodomestic appliances  
  • IT devices
  • Safety transformers
  • Couplers, connectors
  • Control devices, switches
  • Capacitors and filters
  • Tools
  • Batteries

This expansion results from the creation of a unique European safety mark that is strong and independent.

The European certification bodies in the electrical sector have opened the ENEC mark to manufacturers all around the world, thus enabling to improve the safety of electrical products to be launched on the European market.

The four mainstays of the ENEC mark

  • Quality: As production audits are regularly conducted on products during their whole lifecycle.
  • Value added: Affixing the ENEC mark on your product is a guaranty of its reliability, its safety and its quality, not only for you but for your ultimate customer as well. The ENEC mark helps the consumers to pick up safe products.
  • Credibility: As the tests and certification are performed and delivered by a third party certification body that is renown internationally, such as LCIE Bureau Veritas.
  • Awareness: With the diffusion of the ENEC-certified products on the website

How does the ENEC mark work?

The ENEC is a full certification scheme (ISO Type-5), including :

  • testing and certification performed by a third-party body
  • a plant inspection conducted at least once a year
  • products inventory and production follow-up
  • visible use of the ENEC logo on the products
  • safety guaranteed for the whole certification lifetime  
  • scheduled surveillance of the ENEC mark market  

LCIE Bureau Veritas is by your side as a European certification body and as a member of the ENEC scheme.

Usually, tests and certification for obtaining the ENEC mark are performed in France.

Under certain circumstances, it is sometimes possible to take OC and TR certificates into account, in order to deliver the ENEC mark.

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