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Bannière - HAR Mark

The HAR Mark is an agreement on the use of a common marking for cables and cords complying with the harmonized specifications.


European mutual recognition agreement.

Base Document

The "HAR Permanent Document A" has been initially established in 1974 and its last amendment dates back to 2002.

Product application scope

Low voltage electrical cables and cords covered by HD 21, HD 22, HD 359, HD 586, EN 50143, EN 50214, EN 60702 and EN 61138.


Granting a mutual compliance mark following the (EN) or (HD) standards applicable to cables and cords that would be recognized without conditions as an equivalent to their proper mark by all signatories.

Management body

The HAR group is composed of representatives of all signatories.

Counsel Institution

The HAR Counsel Committee is composed of manufacturers associations’ representatives, consumers and standards developers.


18 certification bodies in 18 European countries.

Admission of new signatories

The EN and HD standards must be officially effective in the applicant country; any conflicting national standard must be withdrawn. Following the harmonized requirements, the HAR assessment team proceeds to the assessment of the ability and the qualification of the candidate. If positive results are given, they must be formally approved by the HAR Group.

Legal Access

The HAR symbol is registered by the signatories in their own country.

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