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Bannière - The NF Mark

The NF Mark is a French Mark of compliance, covering aspects such as safety, quality, usage ability and performance.

The standards the NF Mark is referring may be French Standards (Normes Françaises, NF-C) or are European (NF-EN), or exceptionnaly international (IEC).

LCIE Bureau Veritas is a Accredited Certification Body appointed by AFNOR Certification to deliver the NF Mark for the following Categories* :

Electrical and communication installation equipment

    • cables and conductors NF003
    • infrastructure equipment NF012
    • ducts and sections NF004
  • NF Networks COM:
    • infrastructure equipment for communication network, data transmission cables NF288

Electrical and electronic products (E & E)

  • "NF Electricité", "NF Electricité Performance" : household appliances, consumer electronics NF089
  • NF Luminaires: luminaires and related components, NF105
  • NF AEAS: autonomous electrical safety devices NF015
  • NF Environnement: is the NF Environment Mark for "Emergency lighting blocks" that applies to :
    • Autonomous safety blocks of lighting in the ERP and ERT that are subject to the evacuation regulation ("BAES évacuation"): NF C 71-800 standard.
    • Autonomous safety blocks of lighting in the ERP and ERT for the work area ("BAES ambiance"): NF C 71-801 standard.
    • Autonomous safety blocks of lighting for residential buildings that are subject to the regulation (BAEH): NF C 71-805 standard.
    • Self contained luminaires for sleeping premises (BAES + BAEH): UTE C 71-803.

Electronic components

  •  NF Electronic components,  NF011

 “Open” NF mark

Open NF Mark covers :

    • Audio Video
    • Information Technology Equipment
    • Radio
    • Photovoltaic
    • Battery
    • Charging system for Electrical Vehicle
    • Other : For all electrical or electronic products for which there is no NF application yet, LCIE Bureau Veritas has created an "Open" NF mark enabling to grant the NF mark on your product. It’s called the NF 208 mark.

The NF links provided above give access to the NF relevant tools.

To learn more about the NF mark, please visit the official website:

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